Saturday, January 10, 2009

I was in my second year of college and it was my summer vacation. I was getting bored at home so I thought I should do some work and make some pocket money. So with my teachers help I got an opportunity to work with Faber Castle as an promotional artist. My job was to sit in a stall at this big stationary shop and draw using their material, so that people could see the results of the products and buy them. At the very first day, my experience was a little funny. It felt realy weird to sit and draw the whole day with people standing around me. I was just not used to it. But slowly I got used to it and I actually liked people coming and appreciating my work. Meanwhile, I made some really good contacts, met some artists, and a lot of interesting people. Also I got lot of job opportunities as an artist. But too bad my vacation was getting over and I had to quit. This was the very first drawing i made on my first day...

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